Drinkable Carpet Cleaner + Heart Centered Marketing

Take-aways from my lovely encounter with the drinkable carpet cleaner:

:: Knock gently.

:: I may not need your service. This is important to know. Let me opt out with gentleness.

:: Tell me your story, but not so I feel bad for you, so I feel empowered by you and your choices.

:: Follow through on your promises. If you offer me an ingredient list, please show it to me. If you say you have something in your car and you'll be back later, don't stalk me on my own sidewalk and pull out scary men from big black cars. Ahem.

:: Know your s**t. Seriously, know it. You don't need to know everything, but be the expert in what you say you are.

:: If you tell me it is drinkable you might just need to pull out a shot glass and prove it to me.

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