What does mommy do anyway?

I found this on my desktop sticky note. Clearly someone is paying attention to what is going on in this beautiful business I am creating. (I've already hired her to work for me in 5 years!)

Once there was a woman. She had a online buisness. But,she saw that she could not type anymore. She was not happy.

She went to Mr.Typen. She asked for help. Mr.Typen agreed to help. He told her to sing the ABCs. So,she did. It did not help.

She then went to Mrs.Hula. She asked for her to help. So,Mrs.Hula told her to say la la la. She did. It did not help.

So,she went to Mrs.Marcotti,her last hope. Mrs.Marcotti told her to take a deep breath and calm down. Then, she told her to do some soulwork with her.

After about 3 months, Mrs.Marcotti did a joy up. The woman(Miss.Suzy) joined. She learned alot. So, Mrs.Suzy did a really good buisness. The buisness was artsy stuff.   THE END

by Chloe Marcotti