In my truth

"When a woman tells the truth she is creating the possibility of more truth around her."        ~ Adrienne Rich

This I believe with all my heart.

My truth:: Being a positive light in the world does not exclude our darkness, our struggles or our sadness.

"Moonlight is sculpture."  ~Nathaniel Hawthorne

You can be a force of positivity while sharing moments of sadness, doubt and fears. Perhaps, we are all the more that light shining when we share the truth of ourselves which includes that delicate and ever shifting balance, our gratitudes, joys, fears, chaos, overwhelm, passions and desires. I know that this is my truth. I share it so that I may have the possibility of more truth around me.

"Your path is illuminated by the light
Yet darkness lets the stars shine bright." ~J.L.W. Brooks

Shine in all of who you are, not just a piece and that is positively joyful when those truths are a shared truth becoming a lesson we may all be graced with. Yes this. Grace from all of our truth. Not all of our details or privacy, all of our truth, which is darkness and light. It is child's pose and jumping for joy.

Resonate. Glide. Stretch.


Bow. Kneel. Whisper. Bask. Glow.

Shadow. Shine.


Scatter. Curve. Dare.

Change the world around you with your positive truth and remember that the stars must have the darkness for us to see their light. Change comes after the work, once the sweat has evaporated and we feel the chill from a body now lowering its internal temperature. Truth is beautiful work.

This I believe.

"We compare our insides to others' outsides." ~ Anne Lamott

I want you to know my truth, more than the outside, but the inside so that you see how we are connected. So you know that you are enough, because we are all so much alike. I can't give you my stars without showing you the night sky.