When it gets tough...

...it can often help to look through the lens. Find the sprinkles of joy::

  • From 30 degrees to 80 degrees to 40 degrees, it can be a bit of a shock, but-oh-how grateful for those early blossoms.
  • The popcorn dance, reason to make more popcorn for dinner! Please follow instructions.
  • Discovering snuggles in any variation in a tiny little house.
  • Lilac buds from the first little bush I planted in our backyard, I love to welcome them. Hope.
  • Anticipation for sitting, standing, jumping, sharing, listening inside of this circle is making me smile and feel the butterflies. Butterflies + Amazing Woman + Joy =Magic. Yes, it is full. Yes, we'll do it again and it will be going on the road, soon. 
  • Windows that will never be clean again now that we have window markers. OK, no, they were never clean before. I have boys.
  • You never know what little note you'll find on her door. Last time it was a warning that no one who entered could lecture her. Apparently things are softening.
  • Raw chocolate pudding and watercolors are my assistant's (3 year old Lucas) and my favorite combo. Want a recipe, I promise I'll measure next time.
  • Collard wrap lunches, rocking my world. Yesterday was cucumber, olive, tomato, cashew cheese, pesto and today was cashew cheese, olive, marinated mushrooms, broccoli, tomato, honey lemon dressing, macadamia nuts and parsley. Holy Wow!!! I have this little thing if you desire some more green in your world. Collard wrap tutorial included.
  • The picture that looks like one thing and yet with explanation becomes a world beyond my imagination. Love. 

The Joy Up starts on Saturday. I hope you'll join us.