Love for.

As I create from the heart, I often feel stuck and afraid.

Blank pages stare at me, my throat tight. I am resisting. I am pushing against what will soon flow through me.

This moment is so real, so ripe, often I cry. My love asks me each day, "What is wrong?"

Where I am is not wrong, it is where I am, words don't express its depth.

Extra tea, extra time, stillness and flow. The flow of the truth of my now-ness.

It will change. I will let go. Work from the heart has a process that asks for forgiveness, gentle moments.

I ask myself, what do I need to say, now? The shift comes, words show up. Pictures form. Time expands. It is rarely what I imagine it will be after it twists around and plays outside of my resistance.

This process is an emotional one, asking of so much love. Love for our inner creator. Love for the parts of us that will not be perfect.

Love for the overwhelm that is now. Love for the breath that will release it. Love for the goosebumps. Love for the belly of nerves. Love for the need to slow down without stopping.

Love for the moment.

Love for inspiration showing up, living inside.

Love for the feeling of new.

Love for the joy.

Love for the tenderness that is ours to give and receive, as one.