The ABC’s of Self-Love: J is for Joy

This Blog Crawl of Self-Love is hosted by Molly Mahar of Stratejoy. She is a glowing mama to be who believes in the transformational power of truly adoring ourselves. I happen to adore her and am lingering in the joy of being part of the fun! Find out more about The ABC’s of Self Love Blog Crawl + Treasure Hunt here.


Hello gorgeous,

I hear you are on a treasure hunt and today you and I get to play with a word that lights up the soul. Joy, gorgeous, that sassy 3 letter word that guides us into possibility.

Joy is a sparkle inside. It tickles, it tingles, it plays. It is like the breeze blowing through your hair, and the sun shining down on you.

It is dancing or a calm breath.

Joy is adapting, flowing, allowing.

It is found after a long cry or inside of releasing.

Joy is the feather you watch fall from the sky, speckled and blue.

Joy wants you to see her depth and understand that she is always wanting to be with you. Joy believes in you and will lift you up when you start to make a practice of rituals that feed your spirit.

Joy can live inside of you, at all times. It is your option. Joy draws others to you, they are attracted to your sparkle. Joy does not mean you do not feel sadness or fear or pain or disappointment. Joy means that you feel extra, joy cushions you through the tough times.
It's time. For whatever you want. How are you going to get there?

By choosing.

Really that simple? Oh yes, darling, it is.

The Universe is responding, but it takes doing the work and feeling the stuff and choosing to move into the joy.

Learning to sparkle.

This shift into joy isn’t a declaration that we will never be sad or pissed off again. It is a message to the wondrous Universe that we know what we want. The Universe feels your passion for more joy and shoots it back at you with a crystal-clear sparkle. Sort of sha-zam like or fairy dust or bad-ass tattoo on the spirit.

Be clear. Surprise yourself. Take a chance. Dream big. Love you.

Don’t know what you want? Great, start there. Think about what you don’t want and let it be the mirror you look into to see what is really inside of you. I love a good don’t-know, so many surprises lie inside. Joy is waiting just there for you.

Let the thoughts of what you don’t want lead your way to the thought that feels better, and then as quickly as you can, grab it, look at it, play with it a bit. You can do this, this is the path to the gorgeous, joyful life.

You want it to be a more difficult journey, and you’ll try to make it that way. I know. We all do that. We get used to focusing on the things that feel worse, on our frustrations or the ways in which we’ve screwed up or been wronged. Few sparkles are found in that world.

Let’s try another path. You gorgeous, you get to spin around and in this very moment make a decision that you are going to choose joy. Then you get to watch joys appear abundantly in your every day, simple moments.

Joy is so beautiful inside of simple pleasures.

You are worth this. I am too.

Claiming our joy.
Calming our minds.
Sizzling in our passions.

Jumping up and waving our arms to wake up our tired bodies.
Smooching our loves when the moment feels so right. Or when they need us most.
Clearing the corners of our homes, filling our lives with beauty.

This is the butterflies fluttering on your head life.


5 Rituals to Feed Your Spirit and Cultivate Joy

  1. Start each day with a large glass of lemon water. It is liver-loving, cleansing-detoxifying, nightly-fast-breaking and just pure body loving.

  2. Make your bed, it should look and feel beautiful to you. Start with clean sheets and fluff your pillows each day, to clear space and create a sanctuary for rest and supporting your sleep. This is your number one sacred space.

  3. Do a 5 minute meditation each and every day. This is one of the most important steps. You'll be tempted to skip it. Don't. This is the sparkle maker.

  4. Quickly pick up the house before starting any projects or making any decisions. A clear space is a clear mind. A clear mind allows for more joy. More joy is what we are after.

  5. Move your body: a dance, a walk or other creative movements! Just move baby. Dancing strongly encouraged.

Feeling the love? xo