A Shift

Often the shift comes in an unexpected way, full of angst and heartache. Which leads to an awakening of our spirits. A chance to reconnect with our true desires and secret wishes on the stars. The moment we blew the puffs off the dandelion and told the Universe our giddy dream something was planted, more than just the seeds to grow new dandelion blooms.

The beauty is that we don't have to wait for the angst to shift us around. We can create it now, tomorrow, in the next 5 minutes. Wishing on a star is not the shift. It is the wish.

Shifting is making space for the wish to start to take shape. It is letting go of the expectations and opening up to the actions we must take for our magic to mimic the dandelion puffs dancing in the air. There could be a lot in the way, usually in the form of our thoughts about who we are and what we are capable of.

Shifting is cutting off long hair that is getting in the way of the lifestyle of ease you wish to live inside of. (Check.) Or -- going to bed earlier, getting that yoga dvd and really doing it, getting rid of clothes that are uncomfortable...

Shifting is doing one thing that moves you closer to the life you know you want to live. Shifting is knowing that right now, in this moment, you are living the life you want to live. Like that one?

Shifting is knowing you are ready to make space in your life. Making space is honoring the simple moments you are part of each day.

Making space is celebrating the joys you have now, while visualizing and taking action towards the life you dream of, which is also the life you have now. Right?

Starting January 22nd, a group of women (and this group is simply incredible) will start to make space in their lives for 20 days. Join us to start a shift in your life that is the wonder of wishing on a star, the magic of blowing puffs into the wind and the action behind vision board manifestations.

The Making Space Cleanse - Creating space in our hearts, homes and minds so we may honor our spirits and bodies. 10 days at a time.


What is next in my year of shifting and making space together?

A few months ago I planned the work I want to do for the year. My normal fly-by-inspiration approach was challenged by my husband who thought I might take the leap from planning my programs on the chalkboard wall to a calendar. Right brain, left brain --you get it. But I've left room for some inspiration time as well. 

  • I'm giddy about my ebook/soulwork guide that is about expanding our lives through our thoughts, yes, more making space! More details coming soon!
  • The next Joy UP will be in April. You will love April's theme!
  • Michelle and I are busy creating more goodness over at Mamacoach circle, we get a new idea every other day it seems!
  • For those nearby, I'll be leading Joy Circles at Om Kids in February, March and April. The circle will be held the last Friday of each month in the evening. Cost is $20 and you can reserve your spot by calling 401-305-3667.
  • With so much gratitude, lots of interviews and appearances in amazing places, I'll let you know of them all.

My word of the year is MAGIC. I did not tell my three year old this information. And yet, every day he reminds of me of my word. "Mama, I was sitting here on the edge of the table, like this, and I didn't fall --magic!" "Mama look at this feather, watch, it is flying --magic!" "Mama..."