Dear me,

Oh the mornings you wake up and wish you could just crawl back into bed. The car won't start, you let your coffee get cold, the rice milk is spoiled and the kids fight, and fight. You move through it, but with tears and a little bit of a fight. I know, I was with you today. You feel disconnected and weepy. You can't blame it on your period, that just ended, or is it?

Search for reminders that you are loved. Look for the little notes that tell you of your safety and your place. Listen when your 3 year old says that everything around him is magic, reminding you of your guiding word.

Feel the joy in the home you are making beautiful. There will be another cup of coffee. Patrick will go out of his way to make sure you drink your next mug hot after hearing of your day. You will feel more connected. It will come back.

The kids will stop fighting, but a movie might help. When you go to the store, get some extra ginger for that lemon ginger tea you like, make some tonight and sip quietly away the sadness of the day. I get it. We all do.

Snuggle up to that truth. Tonight you will sleep away from the anxiety of what just is a bad day that you haven't been ready to let go of.

Now go call AAA ok?

You got this -- sometimes we just need a little reminder,




Thank you to Tanya for reminding me to visit my heart space.