A free spot for you (two) in The Making Space Cleanse

Each day for 20 days a letter goes out to you with inspiration and guidance towards making more space in your life. Each day for 20 days I will introduce you to one of my favorite books. I have a towering stack of them sitting on a shelf serving as inspiration right now.

Holding a book in your hands, turning its pages and soaking in the words is pure joy. I have books that I have never read, but simply feel I am better just for having the colored paper near me. (Someday, someday I will do nothing but read for one entire weekend.)

All the details of The Making Space Cleanse can be found over here. For one person there is a spot waiting just for you. And maybe I'll even send you one of my favorite books. And have you bring along a friend for support. And give you lots of virtual love.

Here is what I would love for you to do:

  • In the comments tell us what book has helped you to open up more space in your life. It could be a cookbook that changed the way you eat or a novel that reminded you how sacred you are or a self help-y kinda book (oh, I love those) that led you to creating more of the life you desire. Share a bit of why it helped you make space.
  • Where in your life do you feel the desire to make more space? Where are you stuck or un-energized? What are you desiring more of?
  • For bonus points share this giveaway with your friends on FB, Twitter or your own blog. Make sure to tag me so I can track your points :)
  • For even more bonus points come say hello to me on FB, on the business page and my personal page. We are having lots of conversations about making space over there.
  • For triple bonus points start each day drinking a warm cup of lemon water and make your bed. Come back and tell me how that is helping open up space for you.

This giveaway is open for one week only. Next Tuesday I announce the winner. And if you have already registered for the cleanse, still join in, if you win your money will be refunded! Cool?