The Truth

When I watched Martha Beck on one of Oprah's webcasts a few weeks ago, she said what I didn't want to hear.

Her story was of deciding to tell the truth for one year. It didn't matter how big or small the truth, she would tell it. She knew she would lose friends, and she did. Almost all of them. But it was a time that she was able to reinvent herself to be truly her. Fully living as a connected beautiful spirit who no longer lived in the fear of what to say, because truth was always the answer. (I embellished those last few statements, but I'm sure she would agree!)

I want this. As a coach I feel the freedom to allow truth to pass through me gently, guiding the journey into expansion and joy.

As a person, a woman with fears of people not liking her, I lock up, I hold the truth in until it has built up. This is my pattern. I'm ready to break it.

The risk in this? People might not like me. I have faith that I have surrounded myself with those who actually would like to hear more of my truth, as that means they are able to have more of me, not the lessened, silent version, stuffing the truths deep down. And the fear inside the fear, if I do this, if I truly come forth, will my light shine and will the ways in which I wish to serve open up? Will the richness of joy and magic that I wish to live my life with open before me?

The answer is waiting for all of us in 2012. I am planning for the magic. Planning with my energy, my choices, my rituals, my words, my thoughts. Planning for my yes. When I close my eyes, it is already there. I've been spending time seeing it and feeling it for the last few months.

Will you announce your fear? On this last day of what many are describing as a transitional year, the year that started to align them for deeper truths and connections --will you announce what you are scared of?

I trust that the truth is waiting just inside of me. Always there, just waiting for me to be ready.

Trust with your whole being that the truth of what your fear wants for you, is waiting just inside of you.

Ready to be announced and claimed.


My first step into 2012 is The Making Space Cleanse where we will be clearing out clutter and bringing in beauty. Dress accordingly, this is all about discovering our style as we make space --in our homes, our spirits, our food, our thoughts, our joys.