New Moon Wishes ~ Preparing for the eve of 10 days of joy

"Now everyone knows that on one night each month, there is no moon: From Iowa to India, the sky is dark, save for its starlight freckles." -Catching the Moon, Myla Goldberg

As you start to become more connected to the phases of the Moon in relation to how you are feeling the first thing that may stand out to you is how you start to look inside those days before the New Moon. This is time for new beginnings where powerful intentions for your life can be made.

I planned the Holiday Joy Up to start the night after the New Moon (Nov 26th), although a first letter will go out on the 25th to harness the energy of creating ritual on that special night. How Christmas Eve is my favorite day because it holds all the magic and mystery and excitement. I had to have a Holiday Joy Eve letter!

In having a group working towards a powerful intention, in this case feeling JOY during the Holiday season, and aligning it with the New Moon energy of new beginnings, we have a magical mixture for manifesting the changes we want in our life.

Sharing in the power

Vision or Dream Boards

Vision boards are best created during this time of dreaming and new beginnings. As the moon moves into its fullness we start to find the motivation inside of us to act on these dreams and intentions, and identify ways of pulling more of what we want into our lives. We are connected to the power behind the dreams, the actions.

You can make an actual board during the new moon time with pictures, words, phrases, ideas, dreams; or you can simply sit and feel those things. Let them flow to you without judging or thinking about why you can't have them.


Ritual infuses space, time, objects - even you - with all the energy of your intentions. When you go to that ritual the objects you use and the space you are in instantly connect you to the intentions behind it. The energy is a part of you.

Meditating on a one pillow with a special candle during one part of the day is your sacred ritual and when you enter that space you are connected to the energy of all your past meditations. This energy is part of the intention of removing from the attachment to your thoughts and finding stillness in your day.

Washing dishes for me is how I bring rhythm into my body and house, even to my children's day. When I am washing around the same time each day, I connect to my intention of rhythm and of mindfulness.

Create for yourself a new moon ritual to harness this powerful place of new beginnings and creating intentions.


This is a Sagittarius new moon and while I am slowly learning what these things all mean, I know that Sagittarius signs hold a deep belief and faith in how life is unfolding and therefore it is a joyful sign. Perfect. Under the Sagittarius New Moon we can take all of this information from our hearts and heads and let it grow inside of us, nurturing the intentions and dreams before we 'do' anything about it. This new moon is about faith and joy.


Often others perceive those who are turning inward as having a lack of joy. In truth this is when we have the most access to our joy. Never fear taking the time you need to renew your spirit. To dream.

Each New Moon we get to look for the question that is inside of us that needs fulfilling. Or release a dream that has been born. We have a chance to release as we begin again.

New Moon wishes. For joy.


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