Sponsor Tribe Love - Erin Goodman

Congrats to our winners from last weekend's giveaways. Maria will be getting some amazing work done by Christie (I can't wait to see what) and Lisa will be sipping on some tea! Thank you all for showing such love to these amazing sponsors.

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I set an intention of creating a tribe of women who believed in each other, held space to support each other and who I would love to go have tea with and sit and talk for hours.

Sponsor Tribe Love is a way to share unique businesses and skills from some of this tribe with you. I have so much gratitude for their support.

Meet Erin Goodman. She is friend, teacher and magical creator of joy in my world and I am blessed to share her with you on Mama Space. (Although if you've known me for long, you've heard me shine my love on her before!)


My name is Erin Goodman and I am an interfaith minister, Reiki practitioner and yoga teacher who works with couples, children and families to nurture, support, heal and celebrate. At the core of my work -- whether I am teaching yoga, leading a retreat or helping a couple to create their wedding ceremony -- are awareness, intention and an open heart.

(I am also a wife and mother who sometimes struggles to practice what I teach.)

In all that I do, I seek to connect kindred spirits and build supportive community. It is this deep passion that led me to found the Rhode Island Birth Network shortly after the birth of my first child.

I am currently working on several projects that are near and dear to my heart.

In just a couple of weeks I will be launching a new podcast called Behind the Blog where each month I will go behind the scenes with my soul sisters to talk openly about parenting, partnership, passion and life beyond blog posts, tweets and status updates.

(My first show is an interview with none other than Hannah Marcotti and I think you are really going to like what she has to say about blogging and authenticity.)

Behind the Blog 

I’m also thrilled to be collaborating with my daughter Lily (7) to offer a Mother-Daughter Mini-Yoga Retreat called “Sharing the Light,” which we will offer next month at All That Matters in Wakefield, RI and are currently scheduling for additional venues throughout Southern New England.

Sharing the Light  

And every Sunday, you can find me at exhale. return to center. sharing a “sunday still life” reflection. This project began as a way to slow down and recenter myself during a particularly stressful time in my life and has evolved into a powerful weekly practice that I welcome others to join me in at any time.

sunday still life 

I have a couple of other exciting projects in the works that are a little too new to talk about just yet, but a great way to keep in touch with me and the work that I am doing is to subscribe to my bi-weekly e-zine { breathing space }.

Breathing Space  


What are you doing on a Saturday afternoon that brings you joy?

Most Saturday afternoons you will find me at an outdoor altar, holding space for a couple as they join their lives in marriage. It is such an honor for me to be able to share my gifts in this way; my work truly brings me joy!


What comes to mind when I say passion?


Passion is an all in, fully awake, jump out of bed and hit the ground running energy.

It is the excitement, anticipation and wonder I felt as a child on Christmas morning – but even better because as an adult I know that I can tap into this energy any day of the year!

Thank you, Hannah. I am so honored to share this space with you!




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 Leave a comment and help me welcome Erin and maybe share with us what you are doing on this Saturday to bring yourself some joy.