Perfectly Passionate


 Perfect - Excellent beyond improvement. Without flaws or shortcomings.

When I was young, I wanted everything to be perfect. I was your classic perfectionist child. I remember my science projects, book reports, and bird drawings would have so much time and attention poured into them. I thought about them, practiced, planned, wanted to go beyond.

And then there was ballet class and I kind of sucked. Kind of is being gentle. There was no perfectionism there, I had no passion around it to want to strive for perfect. My body didn't move that way. It was frustrating and I was not going to be able to practice my perfectionism there. I liked dancing in my living room to Copacabana and acting out the entire drama in costume. "Who shot who?" There were few flaws in my productions.

While as a child I felt bad that I couldn't do what the other girls could do, somewhere deep inside I knew that it wasn't where I was supposed to be. I wanted to spend time in the things that I could be perfect doing, I always wanted to be inside of my passions, looking towards perfect, feeling that it all could be.

We all get to dream of and define our passion. We choose its excellence. Flaws, what flaws, it is your passion. You should want perfect.

You want to call yourself or your work flawed, imperfect? I want to call myself and my work flowing, emerging, loving, perfect unfolding.

Perfect is always unfolding in your passion. The label of perfectionism in your long list of reasons why you can't, can disappear.

So now create, step into your power, be gorgeous. If you are willing to define and feel and dream that passion, every bit of perfectionism is your gift.