Picture Thoughts ~ Under the Harvest Full Moon

Remembering: The trees displayed in each season and realizing the word moon was right there, always shining on me. The intention of connection and simplicity and noticing is happening in my world and the moon was my guide. Yes, I remember now.


Noticing: The very clear messages around me. Seeing the moon in its fullness and taking in that message --only I stop me.


Creating: Space for special where once there was none. Sitting out under the moon, candles, twinkly lights. All in my outside office. Ideas flowing in, harvesting my plans for what is coming next.


Loving: The seasonal yearly rhythms of our life. That they treasure this time as I do. Every Autumn of Eli and Lucas' lives (and the ones Chloe can remember) have included these trees, those apples, this moment looking up.

Applesauce and crisp.

Tradition and joy.

Harvest and moon.

What are you remembering? noticing? creating? loving?