Am I Allowed to Love Myself This Much?

First there is the dream. Then the fear.

Dreaming about -- we see the love we could have, the places our fears could take us.

Doing, feeling, acting -- we show ourselves the amount of love we can hold. For ourselves.

Are we allowed to love ourselves this much that we un-burry each fear, unwrap them like little presents?

Fear of owning our beauty.

Fear of not being able to feel love for another so deeply that we can really listen to them. And allow them to grow and blossom.

Fear of succeeding, fear of being amazing. Fear of knowing joy in its simplicity.

Fear of being trapped away from actually.

Can we love ourselves that deeply? And if so, what then?

The dreams continue. And they are so much more beautiful.

*** *** ***

Have you moved through some fears recently? I'd love to hear your stories. I rode a horse, and it was magical.

In other news I am so pleased to announce that I will be on the Autumn Tribe, visiting and writing and feeling the glow over at Roots of She.