Moon Woman

Moon woman.

I watch your glow, your sparkle. It is divine.

You dance in your life, scrub the dishes, hang the white sheets to bleach in the sun. Oh, you feel good. You are alive.

Create now, moon woman, in those days where you have the spark. The excitement. The drive. The stillness that feels beautiful. Words that flow. Hugs that soothe. Sparkles that make you glow. Energy that unfolds in the kitchen.

Know that it will wane. You will get tired. You will not want to dance. yes. close your eyes. beautiful moon woman.

Wrap yourself in the cycle that you were born into, tuck, hold, snuggle. Let resistance be your guide towards where you are going. By knowing your not, you find your yes. Your path. This journey of all of us.

Just as you are up and dancing, dear moon woman, you will eventually wind down. Drink, feed yourself with your intuition. Celebrate with chocolate. Fill your water glass and sip, sip, sip.

This cycle is part of your inner knowing. But you will forget it. Each time. Each month.

Surround yourself with those who will remember when you are lost. Lift up and hold out your hand, your pen, your love.

Keep, clear water. Joy.

Rest. Capture the joy. Your breath. This life.

Moon woman, from full to new you lay your head each night. Dream those wildly seductive thoughts. Feel the cycle. participate.

And wash, hang, dry. Be in the simple of your life. cocoon in the daily simplicity.

Your glow will cycle, moon woman, for you are of that magical rhythm. your adventure will arrive inside of, despite of, because of...

Moon woman. Be the magic.

*** *** ***

Dedicated to my moon child (who is nine today) and one day, with her friends beside her, all will become moon women.