The Joy UP Tribe Women - The Voice of Samantha

 Please join me in welcoming another voice from The Joy UP. Women who came together and journeyed through joy. Their voices are beautiful. Welcome today’s voice, Samantha. Samantha sent me an email after the joy up with these beautiful words. She also posted a blog about her joy up experience over on her online home, Angels by the Sea.
 I hope I have said thank you enough for our amazing days of Joy, but I've not yet said thank you for the shift the JoyUP created that puts me in tears at the very slightest hint of beauty now!
I have the inspiration to bring meditation back into my life- and to actually practice it.  Five minutes!  How wonderfully do-able is that.  You gave me permission. I love that it is full moon; and will spend the waning moon getting rid of all things not devoted to JOY in my life.

I have never made a simple list, but here's simple intentions which include:

  • I will spend moments most days by the ocean
  • I will share, and move from timidly to fiercely sharing.  
  • I will pretend I am invisible at times so I am not afraid to dress beautifully/ be playful/ do cartwheels (hope this makes sense, I'm just so damn fed-up with being self-conscious, the idea of pretending I am invisible came to me in the supermarket and it felt sooo good to just strut around, not caring who was looking at me!)
  • I will vacuum the house- and enjoy it...

*** *** ***

Please join us for The Soul of Joy --A 30 minute live call to join together in meditation and community and to call on joy's spirit and her soul uniting a gorgeous tribe of women.

September 22nd, 8:30pm Eastern Time (hopefully that can include some of you in different time zones)

The call will be recorded and sent out to everyone on the list so sign up even if you are unsure you can call in.

The energy live will be beautiful.

The Soul of Joy