When Creative Bubbles Go Pop

(That is me in my creative bubble.)

Creatives tend to operate in a flow of extremes. I am guilty of climbing inside the creative bubble and letting all else move further away as I float around and produce, make art and playfully (or otherwise) empower my passion.

The bubble does not fit much inside of it other than the bare essentials - think overnight camping trip without a tent and only one bag. You have to pack and plan accordingly. You may love your natural lavender spray deodorant but smelling nice isn't on the priority list.

Or it wasn't. What if we expand our packing list by asking others to share in the packing and venture out into the woods with us. We could all smell pretty for the bears and have enough to eat.

In that bubble we percolate in our joyous creativity and production -no green smoothies, no long hot showers and certainly no leisurely nights on the couch giggling with our partners or friends. And don't get my 6 year old started on Go-Fish, that game was never allowed in my bubble.

I am learning to operate my life now in expansion. Whenever something isn't working I look at how I might expand to pull in new experiences and support my growth as a mother, a passionate biz-woman and and an ever evolving partner. I search for ways to heal my past story as a contracted being and blossom out into gorgeous joyful blissed out woman.

I want my bubble to expand, not pop. I want to invite all the glorious and delicious moments that fill me with joy into my bubble. I want to teach patience and timing to myself and my tribe. And I want to prepare for burnout. I want to plan ahead for the crash after producing a program or doing a project that I poured myself into. Mostly, I want my bubble to stop popping. I want your bubble to stop popping and to instead expand into the Universe in epic proportions. Imagine what you could accomplish with all of that space.

In my new creative bubble I play go-fish even under deadline. Perhaps I play it twice just to show that deadline who is in charge. I schedule in late night giggles on the couch with whoever feels like staying up with me. I fill my bubble up with supportive people who encourage me and believe in my meaning and purpose. I chop vegetables and linger over Puttanesca and red wine.

Imagine yourself now inside of your creative bubble, the one that often threatens to take over your sleep and your time. The one you love but know will pop, and pop and pop. Feel yourself inside of that bubble and look at the colors around you, soft pinks or bright glowing yellows. Notice. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale watch the bubble expand. The bubble doesn't get thinner as it expands, it actually becomes denser as it starts to blend into the earth, the sky, the Universe all around.

It is still your bubble, but now it supports you rather than you having to give away all of your energy. Now it is energy flowing all around. The work comes with understanding how to fill this bubble with what will support your energy. We'll get to that, for now just grow that bubble.

Now, go play cards and pack to impress the bears. That is the gorgeous life.