Lucas doing his 'research' and yes I do think I know where he gets that need!!!


I planned The Joy UP for this week because Mercury is in Retrograde and that can be a tough time for some. It is perfect for taking time to connect, to discover, to clean, to organize, and I allow more joy in. It is a time where we all can connect to purpose. It can also cause mischief, as in car problems, computer issues, communication mishaps. I just dropped 6 beautiful farm eggs on the ground and of course assumed it was because of Mercury! (Ha!)

You don't have to focus on the Mercury part of this story, though it is a piece of this tale. I am only just learning about astrology, so I don't have details on Mercury in Retrograde, just a story.

I spent days making sure a promotion I was sending was perfect. For The Joy UP.  (Yes, you can still join today.) I checked every link 57 times, edited the hell out of it.

Meditated on it.

I thought it was completely good to go. I sent myself tests and all was fine.

And then I sent it to over 150 women. 2 links didn't work. The video did not show up for anyone.

On my end all the links worked and I could see the video. I know now why, but at 7am after a few hours of excited and anxious sleep I was freaking out. After months of work on this project of the heart, I screwed up? Pit in stomach. Three kids running around. Puppy chewing my feet.

Then I took a breath and remembered the whole point of the program was helping others connect to more joy. It wasn't about my ego sending out the perfect promotion. So without too much freaking out I slowly fixed it. I sent the test to Patrick's email instead of mine, and we figured it out.

I sent it again. And all was well. I wrote, "Corrected links, because sometimes s**t happens." 

My ego, a little bruised. The part of me that wants perfection at first was really bummed. Then I realized, this was perfect. To see myself in a situation that was seriously frightening and still hold the belief that I would still be loved. That was perfect. The women from the joy up group sending little notes, offering support, quietly guiding me as I worked through it.

That is one of my lessons. And I'll keep learning it over and over.

So my beautiful tribe, it will go whoops. Especially when Mercury is in retrograde.

That whoops will teach you more than anyone can ever tell you. Because to fail is to get the chance to succeed in a new way. Usually it so much richer, deeper and right.