Chris Brogan challenged us to write a day in the life post and I can never pass up a writing challenge.

I will tell you all about today, though my plans for it may be just that, plans.

Warm babies and puppy kisses

These days waking up means a two year old and a puppy are both taking up most of the bed and I open my eyes and realize I am falling out of the bed. If I get up before Lucas I have to sneak back in when he wakes up and tell him I was just in the bathroom. He needs me to be there for those first few eye opening moments and then he's ready to start his day. For the record, I've co-slept with each of my children. By the time they are 3 they usually can make it through the night in their own beds, and no, co-sleeping does not make children needy and dependent. It is quite the opposite.

Patrick makes me a cup of coffee running water through the grounds from his coffee. I love the taste but not the caffeine and that makes it much less caffeinated. Yes, I could drink decaf but that does something funny to me, so I only drink it occasionally. I always start the day with lemon water and my watered down coffee! Sometimes he brings it to me in bed. I love those days.

Best time of day

As the kids start to wake up, mornings are the best time to get things done. I can write a post, if inspired, as they eat their breakfast and fool around. They know if they give me time in the morning then they can usually watch a show (summertime only) on the computer. We don't have a tv and they are addicted to the show Jackie Chan Adventures after having watched the Avatar show so much they could quote every episode.

I start my day with protein, usually eggs or dinner left overs. I say running with sticks is a bad idea about 45 times a day. I break up kid squabbles 67 times a day. I answer the question can we watch something now 23 times a day even when I've told them when they are watching something. I swim in hugs from my boys, and am lucky to get one or two from my daughter, so worth the wait. I play with the puppy and then he naps and we start over. I change diapers. I make a lot of food. I wash dishes hopefully after breakfast and then again before dinner. Patrick can have all dishes after dinner.

Today I'll have my three kiddos and an extra friend. I left grocery shopping to today so I will be taking 4 children to the store. Yikes. I will bribe them to have good behavior with something worthwhile.

Moving forward

I am putting on the finishing touches of my meditation for the Joy UP, so that is top priority and Mike will most likely come by in the craziness to help me with the audio/music part of it. My tech support/friend lives down the street and can handle sitting in the craziness of my house to help me.

I will stay on Facebook far longer than I should. I will procrastinate scheduling tweets and status updates for yet another day. I will check my email so many times because as a work at home mom that can become company on many days. I will prepare for my live coaching call with the Bootcampers tomorrow.

Distractions versus joys

In the middle of it all I will want to keep painting my house. I will make piles of things and possibly move furniture. I have an adult form of ADD/OCD and this is how it manifests. I have learned to keep it to a minimum. (More on that another time.) I will start things and not finish them. I will look at the two baskets of toys that I want to organize and most likely will not do so. I'll just move them to a new spot.

I will meditate, usually after lunch when the kids are watching their bribe. That is if we make it to the store. Wait we have no food, we have to make it to the store. After my meditation I can handle just about anything, and my patience is restored.

I will work with the kids on manners at the table, because we are so struggling with that. Starting the meal with a blessing, not standing up or smearing ketchup all over their faces and staying at the table while everyone finishes. Tough stuff with two little boys. The ketchup one is an unlikely victory for me. Most likely water colors and huge pads of paper will find their way outside for some painting time.

After Patrick comes home and we eat, I will take the computer and go quietly off to a coffee shop and work. Once a week he is home early enough for me to escape. Otherwise I often work until 11 while the rest sleep. I balance that with one extra long night of sleep once a week, the one where I fall asleep at 7:30 and never wake back up.

The reality

As I'm writing this Lucas is sitting on the couch reading Wizarology and he pulled out one of the cards and "read" it and it said, I Love Mommy. I had to send Eli downstairs to play because he kept fighting and when he's alone he can play really well. Chloe is messing around with my cell phone and I have put the third round of breakfast food on the table for the kids.

I'm starving and off to make breakfast for myself, eggs over greens. I'm often asked how I get it all done. I don't really know what it is. I would like it to be so much more, but I also know that being a mom and a business owner and a woman with joy and a partner who enjoys that partnership is not easy stuff. It just is stuff that is important to me and that I love.


Getting a puppy or repainting my entire house doesn't make sense to everyone. But our joy, our days all need to have their own purpose. I believe that we have all the time we need. It is up to us how we spend that time.

I choose to spend my days in joy, with purpose, discovering more of my passions and in the midst of crazy love with my kids, puppy, Patrick, business and people who make me feel really positive and full-filled.

That's the glimpse inside of today.

Wanna share yours?