When your favorite character in Harry Potter dies

Book 5 is completed and I felt sad. That kind of sad that a brilliant book can make you feel. I won't say who died because many of you may just be starting your Harry Potter adventures with your kiddos or yourself and giving away details is not where I am headed.

As I am obsessed in a positively incredible way with JOY right now, I am watching my daughter immerse herself into the world of Harry Potter. Her room covered in drawings, her quill being her only writing instrument and her books and tapes constantly in rotation. (Just dated myself, yes I call all music tapes!) She loves it. It is her joy.

The beauty of joy is that it will reach out and expand into our lives uniquely and without question. When it is joyful and you allow it, the feeling is effortless and rhythmical and gorgeous.

When I look at book 5 through Chloe's eyes I see the joy more than I feel the sadness of losing my favorite character. I feel her deepest desire which is that the wizarding world could somehow be real and that Hogwarts is a magical place she so would love to be invited to. I watch her try to train the puppy with her wand and say spells to her brothers that make them dance or fall down. I wanted to stop reading the books because loss is hard for me, even the loss of a character that lives on the pages of our worn books. Understanding her joy is one small reminder that it is always possible to soak up another feeling. It is a choice, though usually much more intense than a Harry Potter story.

It is easy to feel envy and jealousy at the joys of another. It happens to all of us. Just like we can feel pain or sadness from an experience not our own.

Here is the best thing about joy. If we allow ourselves to fully feel joy for another, it says to the Universe, that is what I want. That is what I am capable of having and as I soak it in I draw more and more into my experience.

This is what I call flipping. It is a beautiful practice. It is about rhythm and calm and understanding.


Will you be joining us in The Joy UP? We'll talk about flipping and so much more. I'm off to create one of many recipes in Joy UP and it involves rice noodles, summer squash, olives and white beans. Tasty joy.