Hey Gorgeous, Be Gracious!

Want to move into the gorgeous life and have a little raw kale, butterflies fluttering on your head kind of fun? Of course you do!

Each Sunday I will be posting a new Hey Gorgeous tip that is simple and fun. I am a believer that what we put out we attract and I am looking for some simple and some fun. I want my tribe to feel sexy and gorgeous and inspired. I want you to pay-it-forward when you feel inspired by a tid-bit and create the ripple that the joy of loving yourself up, healthy style brings. Yes, that means we might have to share this with the guys (*wink* at the guys who are here already)!

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Gratitude will flip your life around and bring so many hidden treasures you won't know what hit you! The best place to start with this daily practice of gracious living is every time you eat. Even better, when you peel your carrots and chop your celery. Start feeling and talking about the gratitude for each bite that goes into your body and you will start to eat more of the foods that make your body gorgeous. (Hint, it isn't the exact same formula for everyone.)

It may seem weird to show gratitude for a hash brown, but once the love for the potato factory is given, you'll see how much more aware of your food sources you become. The more aware=more kale and butterflies fluttering around your divine self.

Prayers and blessings before a meal can be simple, but you have to keep practicing. Forget a few times, just go right back to a simple show of gratitude before you sip your wine and take your first bite of eggplant fritter. It is going to taste better and you will start to understand just how much your body needs to feel satisfied and nurtured. Eating chips in the closet rarely produces such consciousness.

Gratitude is consciousness. It pulls more and more into your life of what you truly wish for.

I'll tell you a little something else...I am so ever grateful for all of you. Each person reading this right now, feel the gratitude I am sending for you, to you and hold it as your own.