The Need to Grow. Seeds, kombucha and Doctors.

We are not much different than the seeds that found their way from my compost and turned into some gorgeous fruit bearing goodness (I don't yet know what). Each day I watch these plants that were not part of my plan stretch and release further into the garden. I did not intend on growing food on every inch of my tiny little front yard, now I can think of nothing more intriguing and perfect. I am struck by the resistance to growth that we can feel as I watch those little seeds live out their purpose, no resistance to growth.

I need to grow. You need to grow. Those little seeds needed to grow.

The kombucha in the love corner of my house is rocking and alive. I watch it often as it slowly bubbles and truly breathes life into the next mushroom it creates on the top of the jar. To watch something grow, to be attached to its process is what I consider part of the magical moments we are able to collect in our lives. I know, its kombucha and seeds. But come on, its kombucha and seeds!!!

Lucas and I recently met our new Doctor. (Seriously, just read what he says about health. I know.) A man that allows the people he helps heal to find their growth. Not fixing, but being part of the process of healing, which is change, which is growth, which is release of resistance. This is the practice of change that works because it allows us to find that which is within us. There is no need to do it all alone, though sometimes it takes work to find our support team, our coach, the light and dirt that allow our seeds to grow.

Here I am. I am growing a yard full of something wonderful. I have bubbly kombucha. I am assembling a team of support around me that lifts me up. I am nurturing a marriage, business and children. I'm moving through the fear and excitement of my next project. I am stumbling through "writer's block" holding the intention of inspiration to ease my resistance.

I need to grow. You need to grow. It is happening as I write and you read.

Don't take the simple out of the equation in your growth. Each Dr. appointment, seed planted or word written is part of this process. That 5 minutes that you sit and breathe consciously is you moving through the clenched jaw and into the stillness of allowing. Will you release one thing today that is blocking your growth? A fight with your partner or the judgement about your jiggly belly or the excuses that just won't stop flowing.

Will you do this with me today?

Let's grow. Let's rock out and feel alive. Go dance. Share a compliment or cup of tea. Collect a rock from the beach and whisper an intention. The joy is on its way.

*** *** ***

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