My crazy fast gourmet tacos

I used to make about 3 good meals out of 7 a week. Then my stats rose a bit and I hit 5. Now I rarely screw up because I'm all about methods rather than recipes. I was craving a fish taco and Trader Joe's had frozen wild turbot already seasoned which had thawed by the time I got home from the store. It is hot.

My kids ate these. My kids would pop flippers and live in the ocean if given the chance. They are seafood luv-ahs! There were no left-overs.

It came together sort of in this manner. I had a box of taco shells. I had a Trader Joe guacomole frozen. I had salsa and raw cheddar cheese. I had lettuce. I had sweet potatoes. The fish was all thawed.

Fish and Sweet Potato Tacos

1 pound or so of Wild Turbot from T.J.'s - quick pan fry in coconut oil

3 sweet potatoes, chopped and boiled until soft, mashed with some earth balance and seasoned with sea salt

Taco Shells, guac, salsa, cheese, lettuce...whatever else you like when you are having taco night.

Layer it in your taco, gobble it up. Repeat.