What now? A part two post with recipe

Part 1 is over here...

What is the next step after determining it is about the weight? A plan of action. I'm really good at those, my coaching superpower is that I help people feel amazing. That means this can happen before the weight has dropped, it can happen despite of the weight, it can happen because of the weight!

Yes, I said it. Because of the weight!


After we have closed our eyes to feel our body more light and free it is time to find a way to get there. We all have an intuitive knowledge about what our action plan should be. For instance, I have candida. When it flares up I start to gain weight, those little creatures in my gut want more and more and more. My intuition says to me, "Dude, stop eating bananas, and you know you are going to have to lose the smoothies and Larabars for a while right?" My intuition calls me dude, it's cute. I am listening, fruit feeds candida, which is a yeast overgrowth. Many of us live with this and have no idea.

Can you tap into your tuition just a little bit and notice what the first action step needs to be for you? It might be that you are gobbling calories at night and you should just be going to bed. So why don't you? Go to bed when the munchies hit. My kids try to eat 5 minutes before bed. They do it because they are trying to stay awake, or distract themselves. It is not due to hunger, and even if it is, I promise it will go to sleep when you do. Often we stay awake just to continue to feel bad about ourselves. But if you really have to stay up and accomplish something have a proper meal for lunch or dinner and include the foods that make you feel satisfied. Have your dark chocolate at 4pm and put it away! Don't nibble it at 8pm, you'll just be keeping yourself up and continuing your cycle of de-struc-tion!

Here are a few questions to move you deeper towards your intuition and your feel-amazing-now power.

  1. Listen to your intuition, what one thing are you doing right now that is sabotaging your joy and allowing you to continue to feel bad about yourself?
  2. What food do you know fuels you and yet you make other choices?
  3. Think about one outfit that when you put it on is your power clothes. It might be a dress, or that awesome pair of jeans and heals. When will you find that outfit and wear it?
  4. There is something you are doing that you need to stop. Replace it with something joyful. Ice cream every night replaced with a good book and some tea or staring out the window replaced with moving your body in ways that feel so good.

Here is a way to make a bowl of pasta a bit more satisfying to your body and soul.

Pasta Salad with Kale, Capers and Chick-peas


16 ounce package of gluten free pasta

1/2 jar pasta sauce - use your favorite

3 cups kale, chopped

3 Tb capers

1 can chick-peas drained

Cook the pasta just under the time suggested on package, you want this to have bite, gluten free stuff can get mushy fast, so test it. Run the pasta under cold water to rinse. Return to pot, adding sauce, kale, capers and chick-peas. Give it a gentle stir and just allow the pot to heat it up a small amount. Enjoy with some Romano cheese or as is.