New Moon Wishes ~ Taurus

Each month we have the opportunity to harness the energy of the new moon and feel the completion of the full moon. As a woman I am leaning into understanding how I feel during the month is strongly connected to much more than just me. I am thinking of it as what the new moon is asking me for each month. Then I try to act accordingly. I discovered the new moon energy last year when I made my vision board during the Aries new moon and truly believe in the energy that comes with it.

From all I have read about the Taurus new moon (May 2nd/3rd), it is abundance, money and wealth (in your health, happiness and money) that we can focus on and set intentions towards. I think of it like Louise Hay affirmations or vision board wishes.

This is what the Taurus new moon has led me to:

  • clearing out space for abundance, physically in my home - looking at cluttered spaces
  • making rich satisfying raw desserts ( a great smoothie in Thursday's newsletter, you can sign up on the right over there)
  • carving out space to get things done, projects that will bring me closer to abundance
  • moving my body to bring about greater abundance of health
  • cleansing my body of all that makes abundance feel stuck

My affirmations for this time:

I am rich in love, joy and abundance.

My space is open, clear and accepting. I love my home.

I release all fears around money. I am open to receiving and being abundant.

I bless my home, myself, my body. My body prospers with each breath.

My thoughts change my life. I am always changing, growing and learning.

I am working on how we might adapt foods to fit into these new moons. Why not, I heart the moon after all.

If you want more from someone who really knows what she is talking about while blending feng shui, listen to this interview with Simone Butler.

*** *** ***

Feel free to share these affirmations and make your own. Gemini new moon coming next month. This is all new learning to me, so please share anything you know and join the conversation.

Any you might want to share with us?