Around the House

The day is full of clean sheets, new socks for a child who seems to lose every pair the day of wearing them, good food, lots of water and listening the the wind blowing down tree branches and knocking at our gate.

Wind makes me feel calm and motivated. When I hear it whip through the trees I feel an energy, like the passion inside of a storm. If you feel this too, try to harness it while it's there.

I am putting the finishing touches on my first e-book, gearing up for the cleanse and going to the bathroom every 15 minutes (bladder). Lucas is being indulged in some movie time while I putter around. He has a nasty cold and we are TLC-ing together.

We had sweet sausage for dinner last night and no sauerkraut was to be found. I made a quick salad of cucumber, carrot, olives and tiny gherkin and dressed it with a nice balsamic dressing full of fresh garlic. Quick and easy and a beautiful side to the sausage. A cup of tea after dinner, a teleclass about gratitude and connection (will be available soon) - complete day. The only thing missing was Harry Potter, we'll make up for it by reading two chapters today, I'm sure.

The other salad? Romaine, green olives, some shaved Romano cheese and raw cashews with my favorite honey lemon dressing (included in the e-book I mentioned), this is my go-to salad on busy days.

I'm off to putter some more, enjoy your time around the house today.