Picture Thoughts {Senses}

In a house that sees small amounts of direct sun, this moment of flickering light allowed me to dream of where these days were taking us. Visions of the beach, sandy floors and bronzed faces danced in my head.

As you walk by you hear a little bubble sound, a slight popping of mouths intent for food. We started with 5 fish, two years ago, and this week were left with 3. There were two RIP fish burials outside. Eli wished them well in the sky, Lucas thought they were sad and Chloe just didn't want to talk about it. She made them gravestones.

An impromptu ice cream party when the kids discovered it was the anniversary of the ice cream sundae!!! Coconut milk ice cream with homemade magic shell (1 cup dark chocolate melted with 1/3 cup coconut oil) and our mouths were dancing with joy.

They drew first, turning brown paper easily into a story with their magic touch. I watched them weave the string into the holes, I could feel Eli's frustration before he asked for help. Chloe needed no assistance, only the gentle touch of praise.

I eat my chicken soup that smells like home and look at the largest to-do list I have ever needed. By the end of today it will be filled up with pen marks. The scent of green tea will join my afternoon. Two days until the dream I've seen, smelled, tasted, heard and touched, so many times, pops out of my head and becomes reality.

The sight of women. Standing. Moving. Being together. United in this life. Wanting beauty.

The sound of joy. Through music. Our laughter. Questions and purpose.

The taste of nurture. Crisp salads. Crunchy soft. Melting in your mouth.

The touch of relaxation. Intention grabbing us. Softness of movement.

The smell of space opening. In our hearts. Bodies. As we eat together. While we feed our spirit.