This Juicy Life

Complete removal of all my children's toys from the living room took place this morning. They are mostly piled on the dining room table. After I moved them out I asked the kids to go through the books and make a box of the ones we could donate. Never once did they question the removal of toys. They know that we are making space. We practice it often. I could have woken up this morning and announced in a crabby mom voice, "I am so tired of the toys dumped out of the baskets every day and no one playing with them, I'm getting rid of them." That would not have been a very juicy thing to do.

My kids currently play with sticks. They read and draw. They jump, kick and run. And if given opportunity, dump things all over the floor, looking for sticks, wands, or other various stick-like toys.

We are making space for them to move into this new phase of play and discovery. We are making space for mama to not feel crabby at the end of the day after she has walked over dumped toys all day.

Writer. Coach. Mom.

If you have been with me in this space for some time you know that those words are what breathe life into me. (Yes, pink flamingo has also appeared there.) That is my title, that is my juicy life.

As writer, I play with words to inspire and create thoughts within you, and ask that you absorb the possibilities of your life. I connect the dots on how you can remove the things in your way, when all you need right now is a basket of sticks, and room to play with them. Words that are read with ease and anticipation, that shift your day. Words that soak into you. Words that matter.

As coach, I support you to find and make space in your life and business. Space to breathe, create, discover joy and move into your juicy life. I watch the women I coach embrace the greatness of their now. Our thoughts provide us with a chance each day, every moment to carve out our reality. You can step over the mess with pure mama-grump or you can see it as an opportunity to discover the space. As I move into coaching moms in their businesses I know that you must have that special basket full of your ideas, dreams and actions.

As mom, I tell the truth. I live with a level of overwhelm coming at me, shifting directions and asking me to learn how to flow inside of it. If toys on the floor are going to make me grumpy, I look for a new way. I haven't always known how to exist as a woman of passion inside this title of mom. I just always knew that I was going to create magic in this world, and as a mom, I discovered how I would do that. With you, mamas and women, I am doing it with you.

Moving into our greatness means the willingness to let go and carve out space to move through fears and old stories. My title excites me. My title allows this juicy life of mine.

I overflow with ideas and excitement for who I am, for what I do. That is juicy. That is my juicy life.

In the space making, a new basket will appear today, after naps and school. It will be the stick basket. Housing the swords, wands, anything that can be waved and used in the hands of pirates, wizards or other fantastical beings. As writer, coach and mom, I'd love for you to think about what would be in your basket as you make your magic in this world and discover your juicy life.


Gratitude for the soul grabbing writing prompt from the divine women of Selling Your Soul.