You, Simply, You

The panel from left to right, Jill Davidson, Me, Johanna Corcoran, Janice O'Donnell and Anisa Raoof the creator of this conversation.

The conversation was on still moments, trust, parental guilt and reducing choices. The conversation was about active moments, fear, parental joy and lots of choices.

When you start talking about Parenting Simply it can go off in directions of food, play, attitude, stuff, time, much more.

Suddenly simple can seem complicated. The one thing that I believe the panel communicated is that it just doesn't need to be.

Simple Parenting to me:

  • Using intuition, the healthier we are, the more we are present to that intuition
  • Embracing flexibility, learn this with your two year old and keep it going
  • Reduce choices, do you want your cucumber peeled or with skin on
  • Be a seasonal parent, flow with the seasons with your food, your habits, your family goals
  • Let them wear pajama bottoms to the grocery store, two different shoes, or other fun choices

We ran out of chairs and people were standing, packing the room at Local 121. Leads me to believe that parents crave this conversation, any conversation that can ease the confusion and fear that seems so present in our family world today.

Let's keep the conversation going. Grab a question and leave a comment below. I know you all have lots to say about this.

  1. What does simple parenting mean to you?
  2. What is the biggest challenge/struggle you face in your family at the present?
  3. Are you able to feel good about your parenting choices or do you judge yourself against others?
  4. Does it feel good to be simply you?