Happy Friday from the Mini-Van!

Watch out!

It's Friday. I'm still working my way through the uncomfortable feeling of making videos, but I'm doing it. Keep moving! Push through...feels so good on the other side.

When Chloe was 4 and Eli was 1 we used to go to a little program at the museum on Friday mornings. I declared it my dress up day. I always wore yoga pants, but on Fridays I would step it up, put on make-up and just feel really good.

When I started my Coaching Practice, I dressed up all the time, invested in some beautiful clothes and wore them.

Now, the yoga pants have crept back in and I am spending lots of time on the computer or phone, no one can see me. But it feels different. When you put on your jeans and boots it's a different feeling in the body than when you have on work-out clothes, or jammies.

I may not hit it every day (I've got lots of painting and cleaning to do), but Fridays are my official day again. The one day when I step it up, put on make-up and let myself look how I want to feel. Sassy, beautiful and strong.

Happy Dress-Up Friday! It only takes a few seconds to put on a necklace and a pair of earrings. That trick works with yoga pants too by the way. Step it up with me, shine, shine, shine!