Art Food::The Orb

The shining orb floating above the table is my favorite part of this room. It took our sweet electrician friend many, many hours and a few attic floor boards to give our room it's glow. Small rooms need a statement, this works for me. A little modern among the thrifted. Great for taking pics of food under.

Two small desks, one thrifted and one handed down, sit under the chalkboard wall, momentarily empty of chalk because the colored chalk was staining the newly painted trim! White chalk is now on the menu. Every day when Chloe is at school Lucas goes through her little drawers, steals some of her gum or runs off with one of her special toys. Part of being a big sister, yes, but I am now becoming aware that when the house gets quiet, Lucas is most likely at her desk!

The art wall fills up faster than I imagined. We are going to add some more string, it is beautiful instant art that ever changes and fills the space with such beauty from the kids.

The doors are painted lady bug red. A strange choice for me, but a little pop of color goes a long way. And so that is the first room in the house that is being revisited in my quest for more joy, transforming a little house to hold 5 people with big lives. When we bought this house, one child was with us in person, one in small spirit just conceived, unknown to us. Now three kids run through it and finger prints are evidence of that on all surfaces. It can be tough to make peace with your surroundings when you dream of something else. Of more. But the truth is that we, no matter where we are, will be the same 5, and learning how to be joyful and peaceful together is the path we are on.


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