Art Food::The Art Wall

Art Food is what we are all about in our dining room. As I've been working to put the loose ends of this house together, the first room completed is the dining room. Fresh coat of paint, new light fixture, desks for the kids, art wall, thrifted table and chairs, red's fun. And it's tiny. I wanted it to be simple and beautiful.

Eli and I made a bunch of these clips for Chloe and Lucas for Christmas. They were an easy way to display all the small treasures we collect in little jars all over the house. We can't pass up a stray button or a small white stone on the beach. Our other love is of colorful bright papers. I cut out the strips, Eli glued on the paper and the item. I went back and straightened up a bit. We have been making these for gifts and it really is such a beautiful presentation in a little box with a bit of white string.

The acorn tops are the newest addition to the clips. I painted the walls a color called barely beige. Beige gets such a bad wrap, and I really love it. So much that I will dedicate a post to it soon!

Behind the scenes of a blog photo shoot! My thrifted table is strong and sturdy, oh how I love it. The chairs are a little bit not so much my style so I'm thinking a coat of paint or possibly replacing them one by one. We'll see what wins out. I'll have more photos of our room this week with a treat that fits right into the art food room.