Signs of Letting Go-Go

Do you have a clear idea of what is worth holding onto?

As I threw out old scripts and college I.D.'s, along with High School nick nacks that had been with me for years I felt a real sense of listening to signs telling me to learn to let go. When the signs show up do you feel resistance?

This need to exercise letting go-go keeps showing up in new forms. Business adventures that aren't working as planned, imagining weekends that have no fighting kids, friends who are working on the same lesson, clients who are moving into allowing which typically holds a deep let go-go. Clutter is a hot topic. When I go down to my basement I see the work that lies ahead. I've got some serious stuff to deal with.

I can talk myself into keeping anything that is part of my past. Chloe recently unearthed all those above mentioned items and for about 5 minutes thought they were cool. After her 5 minutes they kept floating around, moved from place to place, pile to pile. Today I felt moved to act. I could either file them back away or let (you know) go-go.

What are the memories that can build new ones? A teddy bear that Lucas named Ginger that used to be mine. Old rocking chairs, one from Patrick's youth, one from mine. My wedding dress - I am so not ready to let that one go-go.

I want to have more experiences and less stuff. When I get dressed I want to have clothes that fit, not that I wish I could wear. I am longing for one bottle of lotion, not the ones we were given, the trial sizes, the dried up bottles. My need for not wasting and throwing away was no match for the serious need to move on today. Crock-pot that hasn't been used for a year is going to Salvation Army. I'm going to start using my Nana's bowl and plates that were given to me, because they are worth more than sitting on the shelf, in holding mode.

Today I let go-go. I'm making room for that good stuff.

(Photo on right, I am Tam, I am Pam made a reappearance as my Valentine, because I loved it so much! A card goes into our box of cut it up and re-use and another picture gets put in recycling.)

How do you decided what to keep and what goes? Do you have a system you could share with us?

What changes when you allow yourself to let go-go of things, relationships or thoughts that no longer support you? Part two, I'm a Pink Flamingo