None of Your Business

Actually it's none of mine.

It's none of my business what you think about me. This is from Dr. Wayne Dyer and a sentence, a statement, that my brain likes to roll over and over. I've debated it with friends, discussed it with Patrick and eventually fallen in love with it's message. Bald men can have that effect on me!

It really made me a little mad at first. I'm one of those quick reaction people. (Working on it!) How can it not be my business? We all love a compliment, a kind word, the encouragement of those we look up to. It's none of your business what others think of you.

Does this conflict with one of my favorite quotes (from Uncle Iroh-Avatar-the cartoon) that I have written on my wall?

How often do we write something or do something only to wait eagerly for the response of someone else? The anticipated response becomes the focus, not the action or words that for us held purpose. And if the response is not what we would have hoped, how does that affect our feelings on what we did, wrote, said? The experience has shifted, it is no longer ours because the power was given away.

I tend not to follow the book on most things. I don't run my business according to any strict formula or rules and I don't always say what you want to hear, rather what I feel honestly should be said. Kind of like when Wayne told me what you all think of me is none of my business! I didn't really want to hear that. If I'm going to not follow the book it seems that this concept needs to be embraced.

I gave a talk for a group of women recently. I instantly went into my head and wondered what they thought of me. I remembered that it was none of my business, which often serves to bring me out of my head. I shifted that focus to feeling the energy of what I created. I put some new ideas and thoughts out into that space. I pull things into my life when I am in my power, when I am believing in what I do, stand for, am. Being liked used to be so important to me.

If it is none of my business what anyone else thinks of me, what do I do with that? I shift the focus from the wondering, the what if's, into my joy. It is a powerful shift having nothing to do with being able to accept a compliment or learn of other's reactions. It's a place inside, of knowing that if you are acting with truth, love and joy you simply pull more of that into your life.

...but a little belief from others, goes a long way!


How do you feel about what I think of you being none of your business? What's your first reaction to this?