Secrets of Adulthood

Today I share the voice of a woman that has been with me for a year in my group coaching program. We met all the way out  in Wakefield -for those in RI, you know that going farther than 15 minutes is a journey- and realized we lived in the same neighborhood. Walking distance. Allison Abramson will be our Fill Your Bucket Retreat Guide, greeting each of our women with a smile that lights a room. She is calmly handling details and preparations for the Retreat and allowing me to feel the benefits that come from support. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I’ve just started reading a charming book, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. The author dedicates one year to learning as much as she can about what makes people happy, with the hope that she’ll uncover some tricks to increasing her own happiness.

Before she embarks on the project, the author creates a list of lessons she’s learned over the years, which she calls her “Secrets of Adulthood.” It’s a clever little list, and it got me thinking….what have I learned so far? I came up with ten things:

1. Moms set the stage for family life.

We create a space, set a mood and provide a rhythm within which the family thrives. For me, this no longer feels like pressure, it’s starting to feel like a very special privilege.

2. Getting organized actually creates space in my mind (and my house) for creativity and spontaneity.

Who knew?!

3. I feel better when I drink water throughout the day.

And when I stay away from sugar.

4. Reading aloud is more fun when I pay attention to the words.

Ah, mindful parenting.

5. On a tough day, my body will tell me when its time to breathe.

6. My children are right- there are very few good reasons to stop playing.

7. Fresh air can fix anything.

8. My journey is all my own.

It’s okay to make mistakes, because I’m learning as I go.

9. Each of my children is on a journey of their very own, too.

They came from my body, but they aren’t extensions of me, and I can’t control them. The best I can do is to stay present for them, and set a good example of how to live peacefully in the world. 10. Green grass is a state of mind.

I’m going to trust that I am exactly where I amsupposed to be, doing what I was meant to do. I already have everything that I need to be happy.

Maybe I’ll think of a few more to add. It’s a work in progress…just like me.

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Allison lives in Providence with her husband and two little girls.  She's into green smoothies, mindful living and urban agriculture.  Formerly a nonprofit fundraiser, Allison still volunteers in the community and helps with various charity events.