Meet Elisabeth

I would like you to meet Elisabeth Schenenga who will be teaching yoga at our Day Retreat. Elisabeth and I met through my group coaching program which has been going strong now for almost one year. I asked Elisabeth to teach yoga at one of our groups and we all instantly fell in love with her calming, yet energizing yoga (and her patience for all of the beginners). Her passion is apparent when she teaches, and I am excited to share her with you. Even if you won't be at our Day Retreat, you will still enjoy Elisabeth's words.

Can you share a little bio: I was introduced to yoga in high school by one of my ballet teachers and have been a student ever since.  I've enjoyed many different styles of yoga over the years: ashtanga, bikram, hatha, prenatal, itsy bitsy baby to name a few. I am a registered 200hr teacher with the yoga alliance and received my training through Spirit Tree Yoga at All That Matters. I teach one class a week (Yoga Basics @ Sundance on Wednesday nights!) and am truly honored to be able to share yoga with other students. Every day I try to carry the peace and calm that yoga brings me off the mat and into my life with 3 little kids!

Favorite Quote: There are so many great ones, but this one is on my fridge: "Make voyages. Attempt them. There is nothing else." Tenessee Williams

Power Food: Green smoothie with kale and parlsey

Best Kid Story: I was just thinking today about when my son, who had recently turned 3, was having a grumpy day. I said to him, "Where did my sweet boy go?." With a completely straight face he replied, "He's gone. I ate him." Where you find breathing space: Yoga - on my mat, in my bedroom once kids have gone to sleep. Also in your amazing connecting groups!

Most loved book: Nimby: An Extraordinary Cloud Who Meets a Remarkable Friend by Jasper Tomkins

Why yoga: It just feels right. What you are making for dinner tonight: Black bean burritos