My First Vlog...Whoops

In the calm of my bedroom I sat on the bed, cup of tea and computer ready to hit record. I applied my make-up just for this occasion, my first vlog...yes, video. With only one take, just under 4 minutes, I was ready to learn how to put a video on my site. I pressed play to take a quick peak at the video before publishing...nothing there. Voice only. No picture.

So my first vlog is a voice blog rather than video. I took some pictures of all the things you should be seeing in the video. You can look while you listen. And for the video, I'll figure it out. Each step gets us closer to our vision (interesting choice of words)!

Carving Out Some Sacred Space

My bedroom and holding up the card, so when I say, here is the card, you will see the card.

And Lucas woke up and made a huge mess of my cards, his way of finding his power thought for the day.