Larabar Winner and A Little Inspiration For The Day

Congrats to Melanie J! I hopped over to her blog to tell her and was so touched to see her mention of Mama Space, on this post. I love the community of women that is part of the voice here.

Melanie won a bag of minis (I'm a little envious of this one) and a beautiful t-shirt from Larabar. Thanks Larabar, you all rock.

I told you Chloe would steal the shirt! She wears it well.

*** *** ***

This morning as I walked around my crazy messy house, crumbs everywhere, dishes piled up and piles of things waiting to be carried down to the basement my initial thought was how crabby this makes me. Typically waking up to a messy house combined with sick kids is a recipe for my disaster. I become monster mama.

Today as I was wading through the mess to get the kids ready for school, I realized that the mess did not control my mood. In fact my mood actually controlled the mess. I remembered that the mess was temporary and that it was part of my day to control it. I love when the house is clean and calm and by this evening I will get myself there, I will light candles and I will enjoy the beauty and spirit that comes to life when things are where they need to be and cleaned.

The mess will return. I have three kids, small house, lots of crumbs.

My mood and how I perceive the mess will always be mine. It will always be in my control.

Next time I feel out of control in my life, I hope to remember the mess.


Any situations that need a shift of thought in your day today?