My Guides


Last year I chose a guiding word to start my year. All my goals and dreams didn't seem to be possible unless I simplified my life. Running a business with three kids, learning how to market a business, mothering, womaning, loving - you get the idea. I needed to get down to the basics. And I still am. Each time I pile clutter up I remind myself of my guide, simplify. When I think of making 3 recipes all at once, simplify pops into my head. Looking at the kids drawers full of summer and winter clothes all tangled up together I heard my little guide whisper, simplify.


Last year, was one of the most challenging and magical years I can remember.

After 8 years of identifying myself as a nursing mother, I weaned my third child.

I set an intention of creating a stronger relationship with my husband. I didn't expect the Universe to listen that well, we hit crisis. I have found that in crisis there can be such growth, joy and honesty - if you let it. We let it and for us it meant a strengthening of our bond. Sometimes it means letting go. I shed so many tears this year. The beauty from those tears is magical.

I have learned that building a business, one that rocks your world, takes time, support and patience. The women I have been blessed to coach, learn about and become friends with have changed my life. (You know who you are, I love you all.)

With three children I am constantly faced with just how hard being a mother is. I didn't know it would be. We are learning together, this family of 5 who at times falls out of step with each other. Right now, we are trying to figure out how each child can have space, connection and voice.

We hit one of the hardest times financially we have ever been faced with. Family and friends never turned away. I am forever grateful.

After three years of living with a dog that we loved, but made our life so desperately difficult we allowed him and ourselves to move on. Amazing programs like this make sure that each dog finds it's forever home, their support and guidance was beyond amazing. A lot of tears and the right decision.

I lost my entire business folder when my computer fell off a table. It was one of the only folders we could not recover. The magic was that I was able to move into creating a business that I really wanted. And I learned to let go.

And then there is this blog. And this website. It has been my rock, my foundation, my passion. If you've been here since the beginning the look changed thanks to the brilliance of this company. The blog, Mama Space is another home. A community. Where I learned to use my voice as a writer. A place of connections and possibility. Of inspiration. A journey of health. A breath in the overwhelm. I am so blessed that you all are on this journey with me.

My necklace in the picture says JOY. (Thank you Beth and Bella Wish)


So, 2011, I call Joy to be my guide. And through that Joy I believe that I will have Expansion. Expansion of time, of thought, of possibility, of love, of success, of more magic. Of connection deeply to myself and my passion. Expansion through fear and doubt leading to the place of joy.


I will be working with my Holiday Connecting Group to discover their guiding words for 2011 this month. I would love to hear if you have discovered a guiding word(s) for yourself. Share your voice and leave some inspiration! Happy New Year.