On The Eve

On the Eve the energy flowing off the children is intense and jittery. Can you remember that time, when the magic was so alive you could almost hear the sleigh bells as you snuggled into your pillow, sure you would never fall asleep? The last few days have brought e-mails from the women supporting each other through the Holiday Connecting Group. Their voices strong, flowing with excitement and sharing their joy of allowing themselves to fully be where they are. No where else. The power of women together, that is my new magic.

Magic will surround us as we throw out the reindeer food tonight before bed. (Mix oats, glitter and anything else birds will love after Dancer and Prancer have munched theirs.)

The magic comes with stress and expectations. Those words that we try to dodge and hide from. I find it's easier to be with them. Remember them. Learn from them. I will lose my patience with the kids today. I already have. The combination of an overtired 2 year old, an over excited 5 year old and a wishing for some space 8 year old can erupt into wildness.

We take walks in the cold. Make last minute gifts. We bake fritters and prepare the meals that will fill us with gratitude and joy. Chloe prepares a Holiday Word Search for each of us tonight. Eli checks tags over and over to see which gift belongs in whose hands. Lucas full of wonder, eyes twinkling.

Do you see your magic? Can you feel it, taste it, see it. Where will we continue to find it when candles have been put away, the trees are out for the birds and winter is wrapping herself around us?

The magic of this Eve reminds us of all of this. We will soon stop and think about what is next. Where we are going. For now, let's jut be where we are. Soak in the magic and twinkling of the now.

Where is your magic? Where will it take you?