My Favorite Things - Wednesday

One of the things that excites me and drives me to work with the women I have come to cherish is that moment when change happens and you weren't expecting it. A woman from my Connecting Group recently told us that she had started to lose weight and it was just falling off. Losing weight had been a big issue and she really wanted to connect back with her body after having 3 kids. After working together for 9 months she eventually decided to stop weighing herself. Among other things that were shifting for her, she cleansed with our Busy Moms Group a few weeks ago and truly understood the foods that made her feel energized and alive and those that were draining her, and clogging up her system. But the one thing that was most clear, was that she was loving who she was in that moment, and the change of losing weight was a gift from that love and joy she was feeling. Today was a crazy busy day. I was looking at spaces for the Retreat coming in February (I'll tell you more soon), I needed to blog, I am in the middle of various other projects that need attention, I am being interviewed tonight on the phone, I usually write my newsletter on Wed nights, and I have book club tomorrow. Normally I kind of freak out when this happens. When so much piles up and I don't know where to turn, what to do first, how to accomplish it all.

Today a beautiful thing happened. I was greeted with some unexpected change of my own. I went to the store and bought ingredients to make a huge pot of soup with chicken and vegetables and lots of herbs. I started that and just relaxed into what needed to happen. One of my guiding phrases or affirmations has been "I have all the time I need." I called my husband before leaving to look at the spaces and in amazement blurted out that I wasn't stressed out. I was just believing that it would all happen and unfold as it should. Lucas and I had so much fun because I wasn't crabby and mad at everything in my way. There is a big pot of soup on the stove and things are getting done.

Affirmations and positive thoughts are seeds that we plant. Those seeds and then the work that happens around them are a magical combination. If you do not believe there is enough time, there never will be. Trusting that our thoughts change our life is a powerful place to be. Today I would like to gift someone with a box of my favorite affirmation cards by Louise Hay, who is one of my favorite life changing people.

These cards hold such special meaning to myself, to those who I have worked with, and to my family. To share them is a joy for me. As today's card found me just when I needed to remember, It's only a thought, and a thought can be changed. As we move towards Christmas in my house I took this picture under the twinkling lights of the magical tree that came home with us this year. What thought did you have today that you would be willing to change? Thoughts of lack, not being good enough, feeling fat, not being patient or kind. Unexpected change comes because we have shifted our thoughts and put the work into living our most amazing lives. I choose my thoughts with care. I constantly have new thoughts and new ways of looking at my world.

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Any thoughts you would like to change? Leave a comment to be entered in the giveaway for a box of Louise Hay's Power Thought Cards.