My Favorite Things - Tuesday

One of my favorite things is the moon. I have been known to drive and stop in the parking lot of a drug store, get the kids out of the car, and walk 2 blocks to see gorgeous-can't-believe-this-is-real full moons. The kids and I will take moon walks (started I think by my mother when Chloe was young) where you bundle up and go search for the moon while in your pajamas. I feel myself guided by the cycle of the moon. Each of my miscarriages was around a full moon.

Lucas calls the moon, moonie and the kids will make up songs about the moon. Our favorite moon lullaby is from Jim Brickman (another one of my favorite things, yes he is quite handsome) called I See The Moon. Patrick and I have sung this to our children, heard Jim sing it at one of  his concerts and well, it may not officially be our song, but it is a song of love.

My father sent Catching The Moon in a box of books to the kids a few years ago. I loved it from first touch. The kids aren't as crazy about it as I am, but as I start to read the magical words that come from each page, they slowly melt into the story. "Every night when the moon comes out, an old woman sits and fishes with rod, reel, and... a mouse? Whoever heard of such silliness?" I am a sucker for a book that can infuse the talk and ritual of food into it, especially the ritual of tea time. When the shiny guest knocks at the Fisherwoman's door with moon pie she is already brewing black tea and "through mouths sticky with marshmallow, they talked of seaweed and sailfish, currents and carp."

The ritual of tea is one that I adore and have many tea pots and mugs to show for it. I love supporting independent tea owners as the products are infused with such attention and care. When I can get my act together making a pot of tea in the morning for the kids with a little tray of breakfast "snacks" is a beautiful way to start their day. Patrick and I start the day with a mug of hot tea, mine always goes cold before I drink it. I don't seem to mind the cold tea as it is the ritual that soothes me awake in the morning.

Rachael Elmaleh of Little Bird Herbs, and a friend of mine in Providence, has provided this post about the moon and books and tea with a giveaway that will offer you a bit of ritual. You will have to make your own moon pies though! In Rachael's words, "Life is filled with ironies. It wasn’t until I moved to a city that I pursued my love of plants, in particular, medicinal herbs." The giveaway today is for tea and a salve which you can read about below.

Breathe-A-Way Tea

For first sign of congestion; an excellent expectorant and immune enhancer.

What’s Inside: This medley of herbs combines Vitamin-C powered Rose Hips with Coltsfoot, Mullein, Red Clover, Fennel and other herbs to create a delicious respiratory tonic.

Lullabye Salve

Soothe headaches and fatigue with the relaxing songs of lavender and chamomile.

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Share a thought with us today about the moon, tea or your favorite rituals.

Each entry will be entered in the random drawing for the giveaway. Thank you to Rachael for joining us in Favorite Things Week.