My Favorite Things - Monday

I'm borrowing from Oprah and doing a week of my favorite things. Sorry that I cannot gift all of my readers with the things I love (I'll work on that) but we will have some awesome giveaways. My intention is to highlight some of the businesses, people and products that I support and feel good about. Some have changed my life, others make it easier and more enjoyable. All giveaways will be open through the comment section until Tuesday, Dec 14th at 5pm Eastern. After that winners will be drawn with a random number generator and Wednesday, Dec 15th winners will be announced. Don't miss a day, because it is going to end with a BANG!


You know that moment before you walk out the door or are trying unsuccessfully to negotiate with a 3 year old? (I know, why do we do such things.) If you say instead, "Show me with superhero speed how fast you can get your coat and shoes on," it is awesome. Today's giveaway is from Lynne Ghenov, a beautiful woman, artist and mom who has emerged as an entrepreneur. Lynne has generously offered a wand, crown and cape for our giveaway and the winner gets to choose the color! I asked her to share some thoughts on pretend play with us. This is one of my favorite things because our home would not function without costumes, made up characters and hours of pretending.

You can visit Lynne at her Etsy store and website. Thank you to Lynne for taking time to share a bit about herself and her children with us.

HM: What brought you to creating these products?

Lynne: My son, Galliano, started to be interested in superheroes when he was around 2 or 3 years old.  He is now 5.  He had only seen pictures of Batman and Superman, etc. and somehow he could embody the essence of the superhero.  Being a very good actor he asked me if he could get a cape. I have a backround in sculpture, where I sewed many of my pieces of art and installations.  So I thought "sure, I will rig a cape out of a jacket"  The capes evolved from there into my own design.  Since then I am always looking for ways to enhance my kid's "pretend play" experience.

How does pretend play influence your children?

Galliano and Mia LOVE to "pretend play" or "make-believe".  It is an amazingly safe and joyful way for them to explore this world.  I notice that if I "pretend play" with them, my day as a mom, goes smoother.  I can show them in an enjoyable way, to do the mundane activities that are not usually fun.   Like a princess brushing her teeth or a queen getting dressed!

What do you remember about make-believe as a child?

As a kid, I remember feeling limitless or free when playing "make-believe".  What is better then making up your own utopia or story.  I definitely would have killed to have an accessory like a cape or crown or wand but I used whatever was around to create stories.

I remember a childhood friend who had these wonderful costumes, hats and dress-up shoes at her house.  Her mom would get thrift store clothes and alter them into kid's play make-believe clothes.  It was so inspiring to me!

What are your future plans for your business?

I am currently working on some new designs for a boy-inspired line of capes and superhero cuffs.  I plan to expand and create more make-believe clothes, hats and toys.  I also have many ideas for woman's accessories that will eventually be made as well.

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Thank you Lynne!