Cleanse Excitement

My beautiful friend Jill and I are cleansing and we thought it would be fun to share the experience with all of you.

I've had some insomnia recently and have turned to chocolate more often than I would like to admit to deal with a pile of stress (or is it the other way around?). Jill has felt the change of the seasons calling her to eat, and eat and eat a little more. We can easily confuse our need for more hearty and sweeter foods (think squash and root vegetables) with processed sugary foods.

I always use a whole foods cleanse, no fancy products, no starvation and no stress. It's a simple planning process to make a list of meals and groceries. The idea is to buy less processed, eat more real foods and connect with the autumn season through winter squash, dark greens and other gorgeous fall foods.

For this cleanse I spontaneously sent out an e-mail to all of you that subscribe to my newsletter and gave two options to join us on the cleanse. If you don't get the newsletter, here is the link, we would love to have you join us. The e-mail cleanse group starts this weekend, so if you are feeling spontaneous, join us and take a step towards moving through the Holiday season without the bloat, irritability and dry skin. Remember, this isn't a diet, it is a connection to whole foods, to moving a bit slower, taking time for ourselves and honoring our bodies.

What does slowing down your body look like for you? What is one place you are feeling a need for a fresh start?


You may notice the site is looking  a little different and I have been a bit quiet on posts the last week? My amazing colleagues at The Healthy Design are making all the last changes, so if things seem a little out of place, give us a few days to get it all worked out. I would love to hear your feedback!