Picture Thoughts

For three days not knowing if my computer would come back to life, if the year of pictures would be recovered, if I would see bits of the last 2 years of my business again. In that time, allowing the idea of letting go--really letting go--to wash over me. I found calm in the idea of starting fresh.

I told Patrick that I couldn't find a way to feel happy with our living room. It always looked messy and torn apart.She says in all her knowing 8 years of life, "It looks like you live with three kids." There is wisdom in that girl.

When my mind needs to wander, feeling such gratitude for the calm staring at these creatures brings to me. Listening to a friend who is longing to become a mother feel unsure about her journey. Thinking of how much love she is already bringing this child who has yet to meet her.

Comparing himself to his sister, struggling with so much in this 5th year. And then one morning, this appears, and he smiles when I tell him I want to keep that one forever. Thank you Ed, he is making his world each day as he moves through the discomfort and joy.

Looking for little places to tuck cozy blankets...feeling so warm from the first day of turning the radiators on. Knowing after I pick them up from the floor and fold them for the 15th time I will be finding them a new place.

Loving cauliflower, grass-fed beef, carrots, parsnips, garlic and tomato puree. Watching the guy who never gets sick feel so lousy. Excited to be able to let him rest.

Wondering how many times I can hear the word why, and still find a way to answer it.

Knowing after some really hard months, that at some point all this tough stuff held the most amazing of gifts. A moment when I felt the resistance go, and then things started changing.As the resistance is melting away the allowing is flowing in. That feels good. It feels really good.


Where do you feel you are resisting change in your life?

What's one gentle step you could take today to start allowing some of the feel good into your life?

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