Allowing Gentleness

You know the hug that comes at the perfect moment of needing, when you are sad or lonely and touch is the solution? I've watched my husband walk over to Eli during a tantrum (Eli's tantrum!) and wrap his big arms around Eli's tiny body and a physical shift happens. The tantrum doesn't go away immediately, it changes into something else as he is being wrapped in gentleness.

Moments when I notice negativity lingering are during times I feel out of control. The house has become so messy I don't know where to start, I've been emotionally eating or the kids lack structure and guidance. Those are the times when we need to wrap our arms around ourselves and allow in some gentleness.

It might be a new skill set, being gentle to ourselves. I consider it part of my spiritual practice as it brings me closer to the person I love to be. When I'm allowing gentleness towards myself I notice the shift in my children, my creativity and my relationships. Words flow easier and the dirt and dog hair on the floor, well, they will always come back.

Shifting into our gentleness is a way of manifesting an incredible life. Before I gave up dieting I was so unkind to myself about my body, taking it through every diet known and telling it every day how unattractive it was. The shift into gentleness brought a calm and joy into my life that allowed me to look at others in a new way. It allowed me to find gratitude and passion, which is slightly contagious. Your life will start attracting that which you are glowing.

I asked the women in my group this week to think of one place where they could be more gentle to themselves. In their responses I can feel the shifts they are making in their own lives and the impact it is having on their family.

So I ask you, where is one place you could be more gentle to yourself? How will you wrap your arms around yourself?