Visionary Mom Guest

Please join me today in a special place, in a space that is all about moving forward and living your dreams.

Lisa Work-Delzer shares her truth, passion and dreams while coaching you to do the same through Visionary Mom. I learned of Lisa through my mentor, friend and fellow mama, Erin Goodman, who inspires me through her blog, exhale.return to center. The internet has provided me the opportunity to connect with the most passionate amazing women and to spread my voice and message of joy and health to others. For that I am so grateful.

Lisa has asked mothers to share their truth. I spent many hours days writing this piece for Lisa as the words do not always flow quickly when talking intimately about truths. As we move through the fear of voicing them, we come that much closer to our dreams and move that much farther from where we feel stuck. Please share a comment on Lisa's blog, and spend some time on her site; I know you will feel at home there.

The Truth Is...