What I'm Learning About Me - Part 1

As time goes on, 36 on the horizon, I am less annoyed by the way I go about life and more amused. I see my habits (oh yes) in my children; aren't children like a little mirror sometimes. I am taking some time to take a look at what I'm learning and hopefully inspire you to do the same. You can find my Good Ole' Raisin and Sunflower Cookies today over here in celebration of chocolate today. Stop in and take a look at Jennifer's site, Savoring The Thyme.

  1. When I have deadlines, meetings, canning, freezing, showering, cleaning, mailing and prepping to do - I go buy paint. ~ When asked in the morning to put his shoes on for school for the eighth time, Eli will be found holding his shoes cutting fabric or sorting through his treasure box.
  2. I really enjoy decaf coffee. ~ I like the taste but more I love the feeling it still brings me of being 19 years old and drinking hot steaming coffee with Patrick in college.
  3. I keep learning the same lessons over and over again. ~ If you have children I don't have to mention as parents we repeat the same things over and over to our kids!
  4. There are certain times when I could go all day without talking if it were possible. That my body just wants to hold it all in, until I am finally ready to let it all out. ~ It does feel good to let it all out.
  5. I must force myself to drink 2 big glasses of water before noon or I don't function well. ~ I just take big, big gulps. And when the kids are hungry again, they are usually thirsty.
  6. I over-react to most things. ~ Enter my children who follow my lead.
  7. Living in the present changes life in that moment, takes me from where I'm not to where I want to be in an instant. ~ I'm only now starting to get really good at this one. It is changing my life.
  8. I love patterns. ~ About 4 years ago I discovered how much I love colorful patterned fabric, the more the better. I love seeing my daughter come upstairs with a mixed matched outfit in outrageous patterns, and napkins, curtains, pillows, notebooks...
  9. My belly is not my worst enemy. ~ How life changing to realize the size of my belly doesn't determine my happiness. I like to see women in all their healthy bodies, the curves and the marks of time, that is so beautiful to me.
  10. Being alone, in my house, is where I find my calm, how I gather myself together, where I collect strength. ~ The centering that comes from the quiet in my space is such joy to me.
  11. I love chocolate. ~ I already knew this one, but now I allow myself to love it, make it and share it with others.

What are you learning about yourself?