I Wear Earrings When I Work Out

Why? That's just who I happen to be. I am a woman working out in a power lifting gym who wears earrings when she works out.

Judgments are made all day long, and what happens if we put those judgments aside and just find what we love? We enter into our joy. You may not look at me and think I belong in a power lifting gym being trained by my power lifting husband. But that is where I find so much pleasure and power. I love the control it allows me as someone who was never good at any sport. In the gym I am able to perform tasks that bring my spirit such energy and that create power and control in my body.

(Patrick at a power lifting meet)

There is such beauty in figuring out how to move your body to find your joy. Likely it's not just one thing. I also love to hike and do yoga and am thinking of trying belly dancing. Lifting though is my constant, it's my rock, it's part of the glue in my relationship with my husband as we both love to be in the gym. I spent far too much time away from moving my body in the way that works for me. I was putting my self care needs behind those of others. You know this story? I’m too tired, I don’t have enough time, it’s too expensive. Perhaps it is time to move out of the judgments and the excuses and into your truth. Maybe belly dancing?

My children move in different ways. Eli does his own creation of karate/bending (Avatar-our favorite series as a family ) and sand around the yard and climbs things wherever he finds himself. Chloe likes to scooter and swim and dance. Lucas spins himself dizzy, loves to run and gets a kick out of picking up heavy things!

I’m bringing my feminine into the gym, I’m sweating and each time I walk out of there I am smiling with exhaustion. Exhaustion that brings more energy, sharper thoughts, happier moods and the confidence that I can be and do anything.

If you put your judgments aside, how do things look differently? Where would you like to start? What is one thing you know brings you joy that you are not allowing yourself? How can you get creative and find a way to accomplish it?